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Guide to Game is Ontario’s one stop Hunting/Firearms licensing and training service. We offer the Canadian Firearms Safety Course, the Canadian Restricted Firearms safety course, as well as the Ontario Hunter Education Program and the International Bowhunter Education Program. A full range of our courses can be found here.

Guide to Game

Mark Yourkevich Sr, and MJ Yourkevich are licensed to deliver both the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) and the Ontario Hunter Education Program (OHEP). As well as being a qualified Range Officers and Club Level Safety Instructors, Mark Sr. is also Police Pistol Combat certified. They are active in the shooting sports and travel throughout the country to provide training at gun ranges and afield.

Mark Sr. has also consulted in the firearms industry for many years. Currently, he’s involved with Accuracy Plus in Peterborough as a firearms technician and product consultant. Mark is a slug-gun specialist who knows exactly which shotguns, barrels, scopes and loads are optimal for a various types of game and hunting scenarios.

Mark and the Guide to Game team can instruct students of all ages and abilities, and are also happy to accommodate any special needs or disabilities. As an institution that takes great pride in the quality of our courses and satisfaction of our clients, Guide to game makes every effort to cater to the type of instruction/learning style needed.
Our learning center, located only 15 minutes outside of Peterborough Ontario, can handle up to 20 students and is equipped with wi-fi as well as full kitchen and washroom facilities.

The Guide to Game Ranch

At the Guide to Game Ranch, we are well equipped to serve our clients’ needs for fine-tuning firearms and archery equipment. We also reloading experience and the tools needed to demonstrate firearms cleaning and repair. Firearms and hunting equipment of all descriptions are used as training aids in our course delivery.
Our Ranch is part of a 600 acre private hunting area that has many food plots and all types of cover and agriculture. In addition to the Guide to Game Ranch, we have many other properties in the Kawartha area (totaling over 1500 acres) to get outdoors if you’d like to learn about tracking, and wildlife identification.

As a professional hunters and agents, Guide to Game has developed peerless experience dispatching and controlling most any type of problem animal. Year round hunting experience has given us a wealth of practical knowledge with regard to game management, tracking and hunting in general.

Guide to Game Pro-Staff

The Guide to Game Pro Staff is comprised of several professional hunters and shooters.
Mark Yourkevich Sr. (Big Red) has hunted professionally for many years and is highly regarded as our “Teaching Guide”. Red is someone who will not only guide you, but will also help develop the skills needed to become the professional hunter you want to be.
Mark J. Yourkevich (M.J.) has worked with and learned from the best in the business. An accomplished marksman, hunter and guide, he specializes in skills training and development. If you’re looking to make your shots count in the field or on the job, MJ can help you elevate your game.

Guide to Game is also proudly affiliated with many other Outfitters and Hunting Services. We will make every effort to find you the hunt you want with the guide or outfitter you need! Just contact us.

Sam Kim, Assistant Instructor / Consultant. Sam has a diverse resume of professional firearms experience and training.

His role as an airborne infantryman, military instructor and
competitive shooter in the Canadian Armed Forces has proven to be a
great resource and foundation for his involvement all aspects of the
firearm industry. He is an experienced and qualified Range Safety
Officer, Small Arms coach, and basic firearms safety training
instructor in the military. In addition, he is an active member of the
Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada Shooting Team and also an IPSC Black
Badge qualified shooter. His advanced training includes: long-range
shooting, service rifle, pistol, shotgun, police / protective
services, close-quarter combat shooting, and foreign military
Fully qualified with 15 years of teaching safety and performance
training in all types of occupational and recreational club
Sam is a safety-conscious instructor and operator with extensive
performance in the safe use of all types of firearms and settings
including: competition, hunting, military, security and tv / film
entertainment industries. His instructional background in physical
education, military training, and advanced shooting techniques is an
asset to our positive and competent training experience here at our

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