Summer Time, ground hogs are us!

If anyone is interested in varmint hunting now is the time to get busy! In many areas of Southern Ontario the groundhog population is exploding and the landowners in these areas are coming unglued! All you really need is a small caliber firearm and permission to hunt and you can have a ton of fun and get some much needed shooting practice for your fall hunt. Remember to check you local by-laws to find  out if it is legal to discharge a firearm! Have all you licenses and certificates and make sure you are careful about your backstop and zones of fire. There a lot of kids out in the summertime as well just playing in the bush and fields so scout your area well and talk to the landowner each and every time you hunt there,

I use a Browning Varmint Stalker in 25wssm and a T/C Encore Pro hunter in .204ruger right now both scoped with Leupold VX III’s with Varmint reticles! Some of my other favorite rifles are the Tikka, Savage and Remington bolt actions. .223 caliber is a great way to plink gophers but if you want to strectch your range you should think about a 22-250, 220 swift or .204 ruger. Some hunters prefer the venerable 243 which  really packs a punch at long range! That is why i carry the 25 super short… 500 yards no problem even in a stiff wind these heaver 75 and 85 grain bullets will find their mark if you do your job!

Range days with Stoeger Canada!

Today was an outstanding day for Guide to Game. We had a chance to spend the day with the good folks from ACCURACY PLUS in Peterborough. We all were invited to the STOEGER CANADA RANGE DAY at the OSHAWA SKEET AND GUN CLUB! The guys from Stoeger are without a doubt the best group of professionals in the firearms industry. Not only do they sell some of the best shotguns, rifles and handguns in the firearms industry but they spend the time and effort to educate the dealers and sales people about their products.

Not only did we get to see the newest Benelli, Beretta, Franchi, Sako and Tikka firearms… WE GOT TO SHOOT THEM ALL …. A LOT! Can you people tell I am excited… I hope so because I was completely blown awayby the line up for 2009. Just some of the guns I shot were the Sako A-7 which is the newest rifle in the Sako Tikka lineup, what a gem. The A-7 has many of the best features of the reknowned Sako like the three lug bolt and two different action sizes but also has the affordability and light weight of the Tikka T-3. The new Franchi Renaissance Sporting was a fabulous gun to shoot on the skeet range… I could not miss with that beautiful over under shotgun. The other shotgun that impressed me was the UGB 25 EXCEL… what a superb competition shotgun with an inovative locking system and break open barrel!

Jeff and Joanne and I spent quite a bit of time shooting the CX Storm as well and this little 9mm rifle is simply too much fun to put into words. I blew everyones dials when I hit the 200 yard steel gong with this assault rifle… first try… and then did it again on the next shot! these guns are not made to shoot 200 yards but it sure was fun doing it anyway. Joanne picked that gun up and proceeded to hit the gong repeatedly after that and although I would like to say it was my coaching… she is just a damn good shot! I am going to post some individual product reviews of everything I shot today and give you people a good overview of what is hot and a must have for the upcoming hunting season.

If you want to put your hands on anyof these products you just need to come down to Accuracy plus in Peterborough and ask for Big Red… Ok if I am not there just get Joanne, Jeff or Mike to show all these new products from Stoeger Canada.

You can also check these great web sites


To download your Firearms Application, Visit this Link:

It’s very similar to a std CDN passport application.The license is valid gov’t id and is good for 5 years form the date of issue. You can also get more info at:

To get your Hunting/Fishing Outdoors Card

Go into your local MNR with the yellow form you left with and and they’ll sort you out. Any other info you need can be found in your Regulations Summaries books that you took with you along with your Guides.




Any Student who signs up to the summer Hunter Education classes during the Big Buck Day Event at Saugeen Shafts will be put into the draw for a free Hunter Education and Canadian Firearms Safety All In One Course! Plus many any other prize!

Turkey’s R us

So far we have had a pretty good Spring Turkey hunt, Luke and Tim and I have all killed good birds. The Toms are really cruising right now as the hens are mostly sitting on eggs. I actually stalked a nice Tom in the wind the other day and got within shooting range without any real difficulty. Late season tactics should have you calling very sparingly if at all and trying to intercept your birds cruising with the hens on their daily curcuit. Or waiting for them close ( not too close… 150 yards minimum! ) to the roost tree in the afternoon. Remember they will water soon after fly down and they like to dust middle of the day when its sunny! So set up according to the time of day and the weather. On the windy days they will hug the overgrown fencelines and taller vegetation where they can see danger that can’t be heard. On rainy days its is better to to wait for the sun to break … you can bet the Turkeys will!

Good luck and Good Hunting here are some of this years birds.Tim kills a really nice Tom...Opening day!

Red\'s bird... 3/4 inch spurs, 9 1/2 nch beard... 22 pounds...

Next steps for those who attended the May 1st, 2nd, 3rd All-in-one.

To download your Firearms Application, Visit this Link:

It’s very similar to a std CDN passport application.The license is valid gov’t id and is good for 5 years form the date of issue. You can also get more info at:

To get your Hunting/Fishing Outdoors Card

Go into your local MNR with the yellow form you left with and and they’ll sort you out. Any other info you need can be found in your Regulations Summaries books that you took with you along with your Guides.

Restricted course! Coming soon!

We have had a ton of interest in the Canadian Restricted Firearms Course from many of our students lately, so we have decided to offer a couple of one day add on courses for our people.

Anyone of our students who has already taken and passed the Canadian Firearms Course within one year can sign up for a one day Canadian Restricted Firearms Course. The course will take approximately 6 hours and the testing will be done after the course on the same day!

Total Cost….. $90.00!

These courses will be up on the calender shortly and the tentative dates are for Saturday June 30th and Saturday August the first.

We can guide you through the whole process from your course to your license application then all the way to finding and joining a handgun club near you. This sport is extremely exciting and much easier and less expensive to participate in than you would think. Many new shooters young and older as well as couples are joining the handgun clubs in the Peterborough area and our Pro Staff here at Guide to Game are members and supporters of both the Peterborough Fish and Game Club and the Peterborough Revolver and Pistol Club!

There are many active clubs in the GTA and throughout Ontario, and shooting sports such as I.P.S.C. INTERNATIONAL PISTOL SHOOTING CONFERENCE,  I.D.P.A. (INTERNATIONAL DEFENSIVE PISTOL ASS),  and P.P.C (POLICE PISTOL COMBAT) as well as C.A.S.S. (COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING) are exciting and fast growing sports that anyone can enjoy with the proper training. You don’t need to join any of the action sports to enjoy shooting handguns either. Most shooters just shoot the Gallery with .22 cal Target Pistols or just shoot their handguns for their own enjoyment.

Lets get signed up and be handgun shooters…. now!

Big Red likes handguns… and the people who appreciated them.

Hey You Turkeys!

Guess what season is rapidly approaching? If you don’t know the answer to this question go back to watching Oprah or Dr. Phil and leave this Blog for the hunters.

Monday the 27th of April is the big day ( SPRING TURKEY HUNT ) and I have got most of the first week booked with guided hunts. But there are still many openings available for a GUIDED SPRING TURKEY HUNT! This is of course a job for me, a fun and rewarding job but a job nonetheless. I have got two big flocks of birds on two of the properties we manage but the big flocks have not broken up yet. Over the next two weeks as the ground shows through the snow and it warms up to double digits we should see a lot of strutting and movement of the birds.

Now is the time for your pre-season scouting and this weekend is shaping up to be a good one to get out and find some birds. Stay off the calls though, I repeat do not call the birds! It will not do anything but educate your birds and make it tougher on the opener and it is illegal anyway! Just get out there and look at the edges of the bush along some good southern exposure about mid morning, take your binoculars and camera. Most of the birds are still huggin’ the low lands where there are seeps that allow them to water and eat through the snow! So don’t discount the cedar and swamp areas.

If you don’t have the time to scout for your Turkey or you do not have a place to hunt you can always give us a call here at Guide To Game and set up a Guided Turkey Hunt with one of our Pro Staff. We have an outstanding success rate with our Guided Turkey Hunts and we guarantee that you will see birds and have an opportunity to collect your Trophy. We always have Turkeys on all of our properties and last year our clients took many really nice gobblers during the Spring Turkey hunt.

Choosing a Slug Gun for Deer. What you need to Know!

Shotgun only Areas for deer and a burgeoning deer herd have created some interesting technology in the last two decades.
The latest in rifled barrel and sabot slug technology has stretched the effective range of slugguns to previously unheard of distances and hunters are increasingly taking advantage of this trend.
Rifled shotgun barrels in the early eighties were commonly long/slow twists (1:36 and longer) and short barrel lengths of around 20-22 inches. Sabot slugs beginning with the original BRI Sabot were commonly a wasted .50 cal one ounce pellet with a two piece hard plastic sabot traveling at around 1200 to 1400 fps. These guns usually had rifled sights and barrels not fixed to the the receiver but only held on with a barrel nut like traditional shotguns.
These guns had an effective range of 100-150 yards… and even at shorter ranges the slugs were limited in accuracy and energy.
Many newer slugguns have 1:28 twists and 24 inch cantilever barrels designed to stabilize the new tech slugs. These new sabots are multi petaled plastic sabots around bonded or partition bullets that shoot 1900-2000 fps and deliver incredible energy and accuracy out to 200 yards.
Some of the better/faster slugs are Remington Core-Loct Ultra and the new Aero tip, Winchester Partition Gold and Hornady SST, Winchester XP3 among others.
Bolt action slugguns with good accuracy were developed with some success by Browning, Mossberg and Savage but met with limited demand and meager success in the marketplace. These guns still used the old benchmark twist rate of around 1:36 and the new slugs just did not perform well. Most deer hunters favored faster repeaters like pump guns and semis which led to the virtual abandonment of this technology with only one model still in production at this juncture.
Ithaca made a pump action 26 inch 1:28 twist barrel deer slayer II that was considered one of the fastest and most accurate slugguns ever developed until the company’s recent demise. Browning, Winchester, Benelli and Beretta among others offer semi autos and pumps with 1:28 ROT 24 inch cantilever barrels that shoot with amazing accuracy. Remington is still using the longer twist rate but their guns are capable of shooting good groups as well… although I find the groups open up quickly at longer range with faster slugs.
Beretta ES-100, Beretta Extrema II and Benelli SBE I and II offer 1:28 twist rifled barrels at 24 inches long and fixed to the receivers. I have tested and owned both of these and they are extremely accurate semis and consistently shoot minute of deer (4-5″ groups) at 150-200 yards with the right optics and slugs. I prefer 3-9 or higher magnification long eye relief scopes and 1900 fps Core-loct Ultras… (Plastic removal with Sabot Cleaner is imperative when shooting sabots!). I am testing some new 2000 fps 3 inch sabots right now with the SBEII and they look promising.
I have a 28 inch 1:28 ROT Stainless fluted barrel for my Encore Pro Hunter and after testing most of the sabots out there I have settled on the new Remington Aero Tip slug! I am getting consistent 2 inch groups at 150 yards and 4 inch groups at 200 yards…This is outstanding accuracy for a slug gun! I also have started testing my new 20 gauge Benelli M-2 as mentioned in a previous article.
Look for the next article where I will talk in depth about proper cleaning for your slug gun!
Big Red OUT!