Tony Scores Big!

We have had a number of huge bucks show up for the late season breeding on the ranch and a particular ten point that was previously unknown to us. Tony was looking to kill a huge 12 point that was starting to deteriorate and likely past his prime when this monster showed up with 5 minutes shooting light left! Tony did not even think about and hit him with a perfectly placed arrow at 18 yards. He ran about 70 yards but Tony stopped him with a Grunt and he died while looking back at the noise! Well Done Tony.

First Blood

As Vice-Everything here at and rightful heir to a lifetime’s worth of hunting and shooting experience, it’s no surprise that first-blood of the Shotgun Season was drawn by yours truly.:)

First Blood

It was probably the nicest sit I’ve had during the hunt. I was tucked into a treestand on the tower-line at Ten Point Alley and it was a balmy 11 degrees, sunny, with just a little wind. It was probably 35 minutes before sundown when I caught a flicker of white as a small fork-horn walked onto the scene about 160 or so yards diagonally across the marsh from where I was positioned. He was casually swishing his tail as he grazed along the treeline and began heading toward Red’s spot. Not wanting to miss the opportunity I quickly establish my holding pattern, and began applying pressure to the trigger. The first slug made contact right behind his lead leg as he was stepping forward. Upon impact,  he reared and begun running in the opposite direction. Fortunately, this gave me a wide open field in which to re-acquire my aim. The second shot was a miss and only steeled the buck’s resolve to get to cover. As I leveled the cross hairs for my third and final shot, everything clicked. I had the perfect lead on him as I squeezed the trigger and he descended from an energetic bound directly into the path of my slug. He wobbled for just a second before falling dead right there.

New personal best shot – 160 yard running Deer.

Equipment – Benelli Super Black Eagle II with Remington Core-Lok slugs

Another successful course!

We had a stellar weekend  at the Guide to Game training facility this weekend. Eighteen students aged from age 13 to 66 piled in for an All In One Hunter Education and Firearms course! Our lead instructor “Me” was kept hopping by an enthusiastic group of students anxious to get started in their hunting and shooting careers!

As usual the course went off without a hitch and the training firearms got a good workout during the practical demonstrations by the students. I was actually complimented on the quality of the coffee I made this weekend? Either I am actually getting better at making coffee or this student was looking for a better mark, I will never know.

We have another course scheduled for the end of October that will finish up the day before the Gun Season for Deer! Opening day for deer will likely see me sleeping in the tree stand… stay tuned as the Drama unfolds.

Big Red.


OK for all you neophytes and not so neophytes… you really wanna know the easy way to sight in your scoped firearm? Here it is…

1) Make sure your gun is clean and made safe by practicing the ACTS & PROVE method! (if you don’t know what this is you need to take a safety course!)

2) Use a bench with sand bags or preferrably a gun vice such as a “Caldwell Lead Sled”!

3) Start by bore sighting your firearm or having it bore sighted at the local gunstore! This will save you a ton of money on ammo! ( With bolt actions you can do a reasonable job of bore sighting by removing the bolt and looking through the bore at the target, then adjusting your scope to the center of the target as well!)

4) After bore sighting put a standard large target up at 25 yards ( Caldwell Orange peel or similar targets show the impacts well! ) Then put your gun firmly in the vice and point it at the center of the target. Make sure the power setting is on a low enough setting to see the target clearly at 25 yards. And make sure your cross hairs are focused using the eyepiece adjustment and your Objective lens is focused if you have an adjustable Objective!. NOW Squeeze don’t pull or jerk the shot! Always let your firearm cool down completely in between shots… five minutes is good… if it is a hot day you may need to put the gun in the shade and wait longer!

5) Check where your impact is on the target in relation to your center point of aim… If for example the bullet hole is three inches high and six inches to the right of center, you will need to move the scope adjustments three inches down and six inches to the left. Start with the Elevation Knob which is on the top of the scope, take the covers off both the windage and elevation and put them in your pocket!!! Now look at the exposed knob and see which direction you turn it to move the point of impact down! It will usually have an arrow that points at the word “up”. You will be turning it the other way for “down”. ( You are in effect moving the point of impact down when you move the dial down! ).

6) Now center your firearm back on the center of the target again, and while holding it there ( this is where a buddy comes in real handy! ) you or your buddy can turn the elevation dial in the downward direction (Use the proper sized screwdriver for this action ). All the while holding the firearm firmly and watching through the scope  as the crosshairs move up until they intersect the bullet hole!

7) Now we need to adjust the windage we need to move the point of impact to the left so we determine which way is left on the adjustment knob. Make sure the firearm is firmly in the vice again with the vertical crosshair on the center point of aim and the horizontal crosshair on the bullet hole as you have already moved it up to the hole. So now get your buddy or yourself to turn the windage knob as you watch the crosshair move to the left until it intersects the bullet hole. Now your crosshairs should be both centered on the bullet hole.

8 Take another shot at 25 yards and check to see if your adjustments were correct. And make any minor adjustments as neccesary.

9) Move your target out to 100 yards and repeat the same process except you should fire a three shot group before making any adjustments! “Never” I repeat “Never” adjust your scope after only one shot! Your firearm may be only capable of a three inch group at 100 yards so it is imperative to shoot a three shot group minimum! Remember to let your firearm cool down in between shots!

10) Find your three bullet holes and then find the center of that group of shots then adust to this point only.  When adjusting it is a good idea to count your clicks at 100 yards and check them against the specs for your scope. A quarter minute adjustment scope will move one inch with four clicks, an eight minute adjustment scope will move an inch with eight clicks. 10) If your firearm is shooting nice tight groups you may want to set it for an inch or two high at 100 yards and then check the point of impact at 200. REFER TO THE MAXIMUM POINT BLANK RANGE ARTICLE FOR SIGHTING IN FOR LONG RANGE!

I hope this helps you folks for your sighting in chores… we call this method WALKING THE CROSSHAIRS TO THE HOLE!



October 1st…. almost upon us!

With the archery season rapidly approaching in Southern Ontario, we should be thinking about preparing for the hunt now!

One of the first things I do is a walkabout on our traditional properties to have a look around. I always take another hunter or some help of some sort as this is more than just a look see, it is a work mission as well. Not only are we looking for sign such as travel routes, rubs and scrapes, we are also checking our permanent stands for safety and repair. We may also have to cut new shooting lanes and clear brush, cut trees or put up new stands in areas that show promise.

All of these jobs take equipment such as saws and hammers, ropes and safety harnesses, proper clothing and footwear is essential when working in the bush! So make a list of everything you are going to need before you head out on your walkabout. A good pair of light field glasses is always a good idea (it never fails when repairing a tree stand without a firearm a deer will get curious and step out to look) as well as some bottled water, food and a first aid kit.

These pre season walkabouts are a great way to get in shape but take it slow if you have a little grey in your hair or you ride a desk all day at work. Getting hurt just prior to the hunting season is defintely not the way to start a deer season!

So take a couple of days over the next few weeks and get out in the bush and get ready for the hunt… you can bet the farm that we are doing just that!

Big Red!

Guide to Game is Live!

My name is Big Red and I am pleased to introduce everyone to our shiny new Guide to Game web site. It has been an arduous process for sure but thanks to an outstanding effort by our superb Web designer Mr. Mike Walters, we are finally live and on-line. All of us at Guide to Game are excited to be able to share our services and knowledge with the many shooters and hunters out there!

Guide to Game is intended to help you find your direction in your career as a shooter and/or hunter. Primarily we are a training facility that offers firearms training and hunter education for new hunters that want to be licensed in Canada to purchase and possess firearms, as well as to hunt.

Guide to Game also offers guiding services for Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl and more. We also have many affiliated outfitters that can get you geared up and ready to pursue virtually any game that you can think of.

Advanced Hunter Marksmanship, Archery and Muzzle Loaders for beginners, Rifled Shotgun Essentials and Maximum Point Blank Range are just a few of the specialized shooting clinics that are offered to clients wishing to improve their skills. Also we have an outstanding array of professional instructors, guides, gun experts and hunters that can help you with almost any hunting or shooting question.
Thanks for logging on and we sure hope to talk to you soon and often.

Big Red.

“Accuracy Plus” THE Peterborough Gun Store!

Everyone who hunts or shoots should know about Accuracy Plus in Peterborough. Located on Highway #7 approximately 2km east of Highway #115. Accuracy Plus carries an unbelievable array of new and used firearms as well as Crossbows and archery supples. This Gun-Store has friendly knowledgeable staff who will take the time to answer your questions and help make your firearms purchase an enjoyable one! With a Gun-Smith on site this store is one of a kind in the area, if you have a firearms issue or problem this is the place to take it. Everything from Ammunition, boots and clothing, calls decoys or reloading supplies if they don’t stock it they will get it for you! Best part is they don’t make you feel like your asking for the moon when you want something different or rare, they will go out of their way to try and find it for you!
Accuracy plus will buy your used firearm or take it on trade for whatever you want to buy!
Guide to Game is glad to be affiliated with Accuracy Plus and share our Pro Staff with them.

Visit Accuracy Plus on-line at


Varminting with Mean Dean!

Took a trip down to the Kingston Waterloo Area on Wednesday, not to sample the beer or wiener schnitzel, but to do some serious groundhog hunting! I met up with “Mean Dean” about 11:00 A.M. to try and knock back a growing Groundhog problem on some of his managed property’s. Dean loves nothing more than putting the smack down on groundhogs except maybe Turkey Hunting… and Deer Hunting… and Moose Hunting… well I suppose he pretty much likes hunting everything!
We hunted in a newly planted alfalfa field where the Dirt Pigs were very spooky as the new growth was very low with no cover for them. Dean made a couple of 200+ yard shots with his tricked out Remington .220 Swift and 6.5-18 X 50 Leupold VX-III L/R Duplex Scope. He has done some serious work to this rifle and it shoots like a laser! I spanked a couple 200 Yarders myself with my Thompson Center Pro-Hunter chambered in .204 Ruger and topped with a Leupold VX-III 4.5-14 X 50 L/R & Varmint Hunters Reticle. The 10, 20 and 30 MPH windage points worked perfectly, and I sure made good use of them as the wind was 20 mph and gusting to 30 mph many times while we hunted the long alfalfa fields! I thought I had bragging rights when I switched up rifles and made a 317 yard head shot in a viscous cross wind with my Browning Varmint Stalker .25WSSM! This rifle recently got a face lift when I installed a VX-III 8.5-25 X 50 L/R with Target Turrets and of course the Varmint hunters reticle. I was pretty proud of my shooting prowess until Dean pulled off a spectacular shot on a big Hog sitting on a rock at 387 yards. I got it all on video and I probably watched that video 50 times today! When I say that .220 Swift shoots like a laser I ain’t kidding. We only hunted a couple of the new fields as most are being cut right now and we managed to shoot over a dozen hogs in a couple of hours.
Stay tuned for more Varmint action in the coming days because there is about 2000 acres of hay being cut in the next few weeks and we are going back. nicegun&dirtpig


Bear Hunting over Bait is a time-honored tradition in Ontario and is something every hunter should try at least once! Hunting with a Professional Bear Guiding Service is the most intelligent approach to hunting bear for both the new and experienced Hunter. After Baiting myself and hunting Bears by the spot and stalk method I can honestly say that hunting over bait is the most efficient and safest way to hunt these elusive creatures. I have spent numerous hours in a tree stand overlooking a bear-bait and I have found it to be one of the most exciting and demanding hunting styles I have tried.

If you are looking for a first class bear hunting experience we highly recommend ARTIC EDGE OUTFITTERS “”!

How about this pic of J T’s nice Boar taken last year on the first night of his bear hunt!