Turkey and Whitetail year-round plot!

Started work on the Year Round plot today, this is going to be my late summer draw card and the winter feeder plot for both Turkeys and Deer. It also is going to be planted in Whitetail Institute “Extreme” and “Alpha Rack Plus” in the low section. And “Winter Greens” & “Pure Attraction” in July and August in the high section. We are going to wait and see what the soil samples come back at before committing to the rest of the plot.
Here are some pics of the work as of today!
wait till you see it after cultivation and plowing!Rob the young Farmer given the turf hell!still given it!
We will add pics of these plots as they progress throughout the summer and fall!

All in One Hunter Safety Course!

This weekend ( June 6, 7 and 8 ) the classroom is going to be busy with an All in one “Hunter-Safety Course” including both the “Firearms-Safety Course” and the “Ontario Hunter-Education Program”.
The guide to game classroom is an outstanding facility with room for two dozen students and can be booked for your course by contacting us at guidetogame.com.

Gun Review on the Beretta Extrema 2 Five stars *****

I have been shooting the new Beretta Extrema 2 for over two years now and I think it is time for a long overdue appraisal.
This new Beretta shotgun gets a five star rating from the Guide to Game Pro Staff! It has performed flawlessly and with over two thousand round fired without cleaning has had no malfunctions whatsoever.

The gas system is fool proof with no o-rings or spacers to lose or wear out and seams to be somewhat self cleaning. This innovative gas system allows for the use of light trap loads all the way up to max load 3.5 shells with out a hiccup! Back bored barrels in various lengths from 24 to 28 inches using the very long taper Benelli like choke system allows for exceptional patterns and very little muzzle jump for fast follow ups.

My Extrema 2 is equipped with the Kick-Off recoil reduction system which features two hydraulic recoil dampers incorporated into stock “spacer” unit. This optional system reduces recoil by 44% and makes the Extrema 2 the lightest kicking 3.5 auto loader I have ever used, period! Not only that but it allows these tired old shoulders to enjoy shooting clays. something I have not been able to do for many years.

Another feature of the Extrema which really gets my crank turning is the optional SLUG BARREL. Of course we all know what kind of a SLUG GUN FANATIC that BIG RED is so I just had to have one of these 24 inch 1:28 twist cantilevered beauty’s for myself. And the good Guys down at Stoeger Canada were anxious to get me one of the first slug guns across the border, thanks John! The fact that all the barrels for the Extrema 2 shotguns have extral long barrel tangs that fit well back into the receivers makes for an unbelievably close fit between the barrel and reciever! Couple this with the optimum 24 inch barrel length and the 1:28 rate of twist makes this one of the most accurate slug guns ever tested on the Point Blank Range here at Guide to Game! This gun consistently shoots two inch groups with most sabots tested and shot three shot 1.5 inch groups with Federal XTP sabots at 100 yards, repeatedly!

Another feature that absolutely must be mentioned is the Aqua tech coating on all the metal parts. After watching more than one of my shotguns succumb to rust I really appreciate this Aqua technology which is an outstanding corrosion resistant coating that really works.

Well I guess you can tell by this review that I am more than pleased with the Extrema 2 from Beretta and why it gets the top rating of Five Stars. All the boys here at Guide to Game were involved in the testing and some of them were very reluctant to return the shotgun to my greedy paws. Don’t be afraid to spend the extra money on this shotgun if you are looking for the ultimate all around 3.5 shotgun made today. You have found it.
Big Red,

Maximum Point Blank Range

Sounds like a contradictory term, “Maximum” but “Point Blank”? The truth is that it is not contradictory at all, this term is widely used among long range hunters/shooters to describe an aiming system for big and small game. What does maximum point blank range mean? It means the maximum distance your particular rifle and cartridge/bullet combination can be used to effectively kill a particular animal using a central vital zone aiming point.

If I want to determine the maximum point blank range for a particular rifle and cartridge for whitetail deer I need know a few things. First I need to know that it takes approximately 1200 foot pounds of energy “minimum” to kill a deer. Secondly I need to know that an average Whitetail Deer vital zone (heart and lungs) is approximately 20 inches in size “top to bottom”. Third I need to know exactly what the trajectory and energy is for the load I am shooting and the group sizes (MOA) at all applicable ranges! 

For example my Benelli R-1 270WSM using my own hand loads develops 3260 fps at the muzzle with over 3200 ft lbs of energy. If I zero this rifle at 200 yards it will impact approximately 1.5 inches high at 100 yards and it shoots sub-MOA groups ( three shots inside a half inch circle ). At 300 yards the bullet is still traveling at 2600 fps and it delivers 2050 ft lbs of energy and only drops 5 inches from my point of aim (center of the vitals). At 350 yards my drop from center of the vitals reaches eight inches which is still in the vital zone of a whitetail deer, but an acceptable shot with almost 1900 ft lbs of energy and a group size of approximately two inches under perfect conditions. At 375 yards we reach 1700 ft lbs of energy (acceptable), a drop of nine inches, which would be acceptable but for the group size which now is approaching 4 inches! A shot at 375 yards could result in a miss or worse a wounded animal.

So with this rifle and load combination using a 200 yard zero the MAXIMUM POINT BLANK RANGE for Whitetail Deer using a CENTER OF THE VITAL ZONE AIMING POINT would be 350 yards! 

Hope this helps you with your long range or short range hunting… good luck! 

Big Red.

Food plots for Whitetail Deer and Turkey

I mentioned in a previous article about the mother of all food plots that we planted this week. This food plot is approximately 1 3/4 acres and is positioned in a transition area between a high ridge with an orchard and tall pines and a huge headwater swamp and mature cedar bush. Last season we had it planted with brassicas, chicory… etc. And then we put the whole top section in corn for cover and winter feeding. This worked unbelievably for the Turkeys and the Whitetail deer, who used this plot all winter long. This year we are changing it up and are using Imperial whitetail products that have proven themselves on our smaller plots. The top acre of our plot is planted with Power Plant which is a spring planted annual containing Soybean, Cow Pea, Lab-Lab, with small amounts of Sorghum and sunflower. This stuff grows fast and tall and feeds right through the summer and into the late fall. It provides cover and high protein for both the Turkeys and the deer. The bottom section about 3/4 of an acre that is well drained and has perfect ph for alfalfa and clovers we are planting Alpha Rack. This stuff is a blend of Alfalfa, Clover and Chicory that attracts and holds the deer in the late summer and fall. I have never seen bucks come to food plots like they do to the Alfa Rack plots we put in last year. Yesterday we planted and screened the whole plot and were treated to a late night thunder storm which should compact and dampen the earth and provide very good germination. I hope for 70-80% germination which would be outstanding. The timing of our planting for our area is perfect for both seed types and the planting depth was fairly consistent at about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I am going to post some pictures of the growing progression of this plot and the trail cam pics as they accumulate! Stay tuned for some big Buck action! Apparently the deer can't wait for it to grow!Bottom 1/3rd acre in Alpha rack!Top 2/3rds in Power plant!

Food plots

Today is food plot planting day ….

We have overcast skies and the chance of rain, this is perfect weather for putting in our Imperial food plot.

We are planting Power Plant, Alfa Rack and Imperial clover in two plots that total almost two acres in size. One of our three trail cams will be going on this site and the pictures will be posted as they accumulate.

Also we are using Imperial mineral fountains and these mineral licks are being hammered by the whitetail deer every day. I am going to install a trail cam on these sites to monitor the deer that are using them!

Another day another Turkey!

Started the morning at 3:45 AM, MUST BE OUTTA MY MIND. Set Mark G up at the North Hardwood roost site and started calling at 5:00 A.M. Two gobblers sounded off close and I just cut and purred for about 15 minutes. I did not hear them fly down but they gobbled when they hit the ground and went silent. i heard the hens clucking and purring as they worked through the bush towards us… and I motioned for Mark to watch behind us in the cover. Then I heard a big gobbler sound off to the west and it sounded like he was moving out to the clearing so I let go with a series of yelps and then switched up to a contentment call. I turned Mark back to toward the field expecting the Tom to work the edge towards us.
Suddenly I heard a put put put behind me and I motioned for Mark to look over his shoulder at what I thought was a hen… I told him not to shoot. Then miraculously the hen sprouted a tiny little beard and a red head! It was head up doing the warning put and ready to go so I whispered urgently to Mark to shoot, shoot, SHOOOOT! But Mark did not have a clear shot even though the Jake was within 25 yards. So we listened as he putted his way back into the forest and out of our hearing. Bummer.
I guess that is why we call it hunting, not shooting.
Any way the day is young and I have some birds marked for the afternoon and tomorrow morning.
Good luck to us and to Mark getting his first Turkey.