We had a stellar weekend  at the Guide to Game training facility this weekend. Eighteen students aged from age 13 to 66 piled in for an All In One Hunter Education and Firearms course! Our lead instructor “Me” was kept hopping by an enthusiastic group of students anxious to get started in their hunting and shooting careers!

As usual the course went off without a hitch and the training firearms got a good workout during the practical demonstrations by the students. I was actually complimented on the quality of the coffee I made this weekend? Either I am actually getting better at making coffee or this student was looking for a better mark, I will never know.

We have another course scheduled for the end of October that will finish up the day before the Gun Season for Deer! Opening day for deer will likely see me sleeping in the tree stand… stay tuned as the Drama unfolds.

Big Red.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    Can you explain the PAL process for me. I recived the white copy of my test in the mail …no Idea what I am supposed to do now

    I have read online that I have to fill out an application but I can’t find this so called application.

    Can you help me out please or even let me know when you plan to be at the store and I can swing by there and talk with you.



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