I was home today taking care of some paper work and just had to take a break from the computer and grab a coffee and bite to eat! When I got into the kitchen I noticed something out on the range at about 250 yards, can you guess what I saw? YUP you got it, Wile E Coyote was on the bait and helping himself to a mid-morning snack. I calmly put on my hearing protection and boots and stepped out on the deck with my Browning Varmint Stalker in 25 WSSM. I put the mag in and slowly and quietly cycled a handloaded 85 grain ballistic tip into the chamber. I set the gun up on the table that is convieniently bolted to the deck rail and looked through the Leupold VXIII 8-25 X 50mm Long Range. I gave the side A/O a little tweak for focus and with the scope set on 25X the coyote looked like he was sitting in my lap. There was no wind and the bait was exactly 250 yards from the deck so there was no need to use the windage or yardage hashmarks on the Varmint reticle, this rifle is zeroed at 250! I watched him pulling at the bait and waited for him to turn broadside and when the crosshairs were centred on his vitals I settled my breathing and gently squeezed…..POW!


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