As Vice-Everything here at and rightful heir to a lifetime’s worth of hunting and shooting experience, it’s no surprise that first-blood of the Shotgun Season was drawn by yours truly.:)

First Blood

It was probably the nicest sit I’ve had during the hunt. I was tucked into a treestand on the tower-line at Ten Point Alley and it was a balmy 11 degrees, sunny, with just a little wind. It was probably 35 minutes before sundown when I caught a flicker of white as a small fork-horn walked onto the scene about 160 or so yards diagonally across the marsh from where I was positioned. He was casually swishing his tail as he grazed along the treeline and began heading toward Red’s spot. Not wanting to miss the opportunity I quickly establish my holding pattern, and began applying pressure to the trigger. The first slug made contact right behind his lead leg as he was stepping forward. Upon impact,  he reared and begun running in the opposite direction. Fortunately, this gave me a wide open field in which to re-acquire my aim. The second shot was a miss and only steeled the buck’s resolve to get to cover. As I leveled the cross hairs for my third and final shot, everything clicked. I had the perfect lead on him as I squeezed the trigger and he descended from an energetic bound directly into the path of my slug. He wobbled for just a second before falling dead right there.

New personal best shot – 160 yard running Deer.

Equipment – Benelli Super Black Eagle II with Remington Core-Lok slugs

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