I mentioned in a previous article about the mother of all food plots that we planted this week. This food plot is approximately 1 3/4 acres and is positioned in a transition area between a high ridge with an orchard and tall pines and a huge headwater swamp and mature cedar bush. Last season we had it planted with brassicas, chicory… etc. And then we put the whole top section in corn for cover and winter feeding. This worked unbelievably for the Turkeys and the Whitetail deer, who used this plot all winter long. This year we are changing it up and are using Imperial whitetail products that have proven themselves on our smaller plots. The top acre of our plot is planted with Power Plant which is a spring planted annual containing Soybean, Cow Pea, Lab-Lab, with small amounts of Sorghum and sunflower. This stuff grows fast and tall and feeds right through the summer and into the late fall. It provides cover and high protein for both the Turkeys and the deer. The bottom section about 3/4 of an acre that is well drained and has perfect ph for alfalfa and clovers we are planting Alpha Rack. This stuff is a blend of Alfalfa, Clover and Chicory that attracts and holds the deer in the late summer and fall. I have never seen bucks come to food plots like they do to the Alfa Rack plots we put in last year. Yesterday we planted and screened the whole plot and were treated to a late night thunder storm which should compact and dampen the earth and provide very good germination. I hope for 70-80% germination which would be outstanding. The timing of our planting for our area is perfect for both seed types and the planting depth was fairly consistent at about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. I am going to post some pictures of the growing progression of this plot and the trail cam pics as they accumulate! Stay tuned for some big Buck action! Apparently the deer can't wait for it to grow!Bottom 1/3rd acre in Alpha rack!Top 2/3rds in Power plant!

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