In recent communications with the Chief Firearms Office we’ve discovered that they are running a limited time offer where they are waiving the application fee to apply for your Restricted Firearms License!

Here are the details:
-If you already have a Non-Restricted. PAL, you can upgrade for FREE to a Restricted License until May 16th.
-This is a temporary offer to encourage people to get the license and register their restricted firearms.
-You can purchase the Canadian Restricted Firearms manual from GuideToGame for $5 and then simply book your Restricted Exam challenge (only $40).
-Once you’ve passed your exam, simply fill out the application, attach NO FEE, and submit the application.
-In 30-60 days you’ll receive your new, all-inclusive Firearms License !

Safe Shooting,

*note that you have to have your Non-Restricted PAL to qualify to write your Restricted Exam.

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  1. i would like to attend the restricted course that you are trying to put on for friday 19th and saturday 20th of this of august, One of the guys at work has been talking to you these past few about the course , and i am instrested in attending. thankyou mark and i hope to see again soon.

    Everton .A. Robinson .

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