My name is Big Red and I am pleased to introduce everyone to our shiny new Guide to Game web site. It has been an arduous process for sure but thanks to an outstanding effort by our superb Web designer Mr. Mike Walters, we are finally live and on-line. All of us at Guide to Game are excited to be able to share our services and knowledge with the many shooters and hunters out there!

Guide to Game is intended to help you find your direction in your career as a shooter and/or hunter. Primarily we are a training facility that offers firearms training and hunter education for new hunters that want to be licensed in Canada to purchase and possess firearms, as well as to hunt.

Guide to Game also offers guiding services for Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl and more. We also have many affiliated outfitters that can get you geared up and ready to pursue virtually any game that you can think of.

Advanced Hunter Marksmanship, Archery and Muzzle Loaders for beginners, Rifled Shotgun Essentials and Maximum Point Blank Range are just a few of the specialized shooting clinics that are offered to clients wishing to improve their skills. Also we have an outstanding array of professional instructors, guides, gun experts and hunters that can help you with almost any hunting or shooting question.
Thanks for logging on and we sure hope to talk to you soon and often.

Big Red.

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  1. Red:

    What a great site!

    My son Matthew is almost ten.

    Matthew has been shooting pellet pistols (.177 cal.) for two years and my old 22 long rifle for one (while supervised.

    We’re thinking of upgrading to a new 22 long rifle. Any thoughts on what we should be looking for? I’m also interested in affordable optics.

    As an aside, I’m thinking of buying my first black powder rifle and I’ve got conflicting advice from (several so-called experts )on the merit of getting an economy priced CVA versus a higher quality brand such as Knight.

    Be a straight shooter and give me your thoughts when you have a minute,



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