Guess what season is rapidly approaching? If you don’t know the answer to this question go back to watching Oprah or Dr. Phil and leave this Blog for the hunters.

Monday the 27th of April is the big day ( SPRING TURKEY HUNT ) and I have got most of the first week booked with guided hunts. But there are still many openings available for a GUIDED SPRING TURKEY HUNT! This is of course a job for me, a fun and rewarding job but a job nonetheless. I have got two big flocks of birds on two of the properties we manage but the big flocks have not broken up yet. Over the next two weeks as the ground shows through the snow and it warms up to double digits we should see a lot of strutting and movement of the birds.

Now is the time for your pre-season scouting and this weekend is shaping up to be a good one to get out and find some birds. Stay off the calls though, I repeat do not call the birds! It will not do anything but educate your birds and make it tougher on the opener and it is illegal anyway! Just get out there and look at the edges of the bush along some good southern exposure about mid morning, take your binoculars and camera. Most of the birds are still huggin’ the low lands where there are seeps that allow them to water and eat through the snow! So don’t discount the cedar and swamp areas.

If you don’t have the time to scout for your Turkey or you do not have a place to hunt you can always give us a call here at Guide To Game and set up a Guided Turkey Hunt with one of our Pro Staff. We have an outstanding success rate with our Guided Turkey Hunts and we guarantee that you will see birds and have an opportunity to collect your Trophy. We always have Turkeys on all of our properties and last year our clients took many really nice gobblers during the Spring Turkey hunt.

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