I wanted to archive this info for all of you who’ve successfully completed your courses and testes and are wondering what do do next.

  1. Firearms licenses (Possession and Acquisition licenses)The PDF file for the application is available from the website below. It’s very similar to a standard Canadian Passport application.

    The license is valid government photo ID and is good for 5 years form the date of issue.

    You can also get more info at:


    2. Hunting/Fishing Outdoors Card

    Fee’s for the various licenses to hunt game can be found here:


    Go into your local MNR with the yellow form you left with and and they’ll sort you out. Any other info you need can be found in your Regulations Summaries books that you took with you along with your Guides.
    To hunt as a resident in Ontario, you must qualify as a resident of Ontario**, and possess the Hunting/Fishing version Outdoors Card and applicable hunting licence(s) . You must provide proof of hunter accreditation when applying for the card for the first time, in the form of one of the following:

    * an original Ontario resident’s licence to hunt issued to the applicant after January 1, 1968; or
    * an original Ontario Hunting Licence Examination Certificate/Report issued to the applicant after January 1, 1968; or
    * an Ontario Hunting Licence Verification Certificate showing that the applicant was issued a hunting licence as a resident or passed the Hunting Licence Examination.

    ** A resident of Ontario is defined as a person whose primary residence is in Ontario and who has lived in Ontario for a period of at least six consecutive months during the previous 12 months prior to applying for a licence.

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