Today was an outstanding day for Guide to Game. We had a chance to spend the day with the good folks from ACCURACY PLUS in Peterborough. We all were invited to the STOEGER CANADA RANGE DAY at the OSHAWA SKEET AND GUN CLUB! The guys from Stoeger are without a doubt the best group of professionals in the firearms industry. Not only do they sell some of the best shotguns, rifles and handguns in the firearms industry but they spend the time and effort to educate the dealers and sales people about their products.

Not only did we get to see the newest Benelli, Beretta, Franchi, Sako and Tikka firearms… WE GOT TO SHOOT THEM ALL …. A LOT! Can you people tell I am excited… I hope so because I was completely blown awayby the line up for 2009. Just some of the guns I shot were the Sako A-7 which is the newest rifle in the Sako Tikka lineup, what a gem. The A-7 has many of the best features of the reknowned Sako like the three lug bolt and two different action sizes but also has the affordability and light weight of the Tikka T-3. The new Franchi Renaissance Sporting was a fabulous gun to shoot on the skeet range… I could not miss with that beautiful over under shotgun. The other shotgun that impressed me was the UGB 25 EXCEL… what a superb competition shotgun with an inovative locking system and break open barrel!

Jeff and Joanne and I spent quite a bit of time shooting the CX Storm as well and this little 9mm rifle is simply too much fun to put into words. I blew everyones dials when I hit the 200 yard steel gong with this assault rifle… first try… and then did it again on the next shot! these guns are not made to shoot 200 yards but it sure was fun doing it anyway. Joanne picked that gun up and proceeded to hit the gong repeatedly after that and although I would like to say it was my coaching… she is just a damn good shot! I am going to post some individual product reviews of everything I shot today and give you people a good overview of what is hot and a must have for the upcoming hunting season.

If you want to put your hands on anyof these products you just need to come down to Accuracy plus in Peterborough and ask for Big Red… Ok if I am not there just get Joanne, Jeff or Mike to show all these new products from Stoeger Canada.

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