We have had a ton of interest in the Canadian Restricted Firearms Course from many of our students lately, so we have decided to offer a couple of one day add on courses for our people.

Anyone of our students who has already taken and passed the Canadian Firearms Course within one year can sign up for a one day Canadian Restricted Firearms Course. The course will take approximately 6 hours and the testing will be done after the course on the same day!

Total Cost….. $90.00!

These courses will be up on the calender shortly and the tentative dates are for Saturday June 30th and Saturday August the first.

We can guide you through the whole process from your course to your license application then all the way to finding and joining a handgun club near you. This sport is extremely exciting and much easier and less expensive to participate in than you would think. Many new shooters young and older as well as couples are joining the handgun clubs in the Peterborough area and our Pro Staff here at Guide to Game are members and supporters of both the Peterborough Fish and Game Club and the Peterborough Revolver and Pistol Club!

There are many active clubs in the GTA and throughout Ontario, and shooting sports such as I.P.S.C. INTERNATIONAL PISTOL SHOOTING CONFERENCE,  I.D.P.A. (INTERNATIONAL DEFENSIVE PISTOL ASS),  and P.P.C (POLICE PISTOL COMBAT) as well as C.A.S.S. (COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING) are exciting and fast growing sports that anyone can enjoy with the proper training. You don’t need to join any of the action sports to enjoy shooting handguns either. Most shooters just shoot the Gallery with .22 cal Target Pistols or just shoot their handguns for their own enjoyment.

Lets get signed up and be handgun shooters…. now!

Big Red likes handguns… and the people who appreciated them.

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