is an absolute farse.

I encourage all G2G members to help spread the FACTS behind these statistics and educate people on this issue.

“Since the gun registry was implemented there has been a 23 per reduction in gun-related suicide and a 36 per cent reduction in the use of firearms in intimate partner violence.”

Yes, there has absolutely been a marked decrease in suicide, partner violence and accidental death since the registry was instituted, but that’s simple correlation. Correlation does not imply causation, remember. It was, in fact, the changes made to storage and display laws that effectively delayed ready access to firearms that have led to this statistical decline. Whether or not long-guns are registered has NO bearing whatsoever on how readily a depressed or unstable person can access them.

As many of you know, in our courses we applaud this statistical decline, but we CORRECTLY cite delayed access as the contributing factor, not registration. Depression and hardship can strike at any time. To that end,  we also further encourage friends and family (responsible firearms owners themselves) to take stock of emergent situations involving high levels emotion in their families and peer-groups, and to take the initiative by removing firearms to alternate safe storage locations. Note: (*The PAL also allows you to borrow). In instances where friends or family members may be suffering turmoil, you can offer to take custody.

This group of doctors also state, “Knowing that a patient owns a gun is extremely important and valuable information for us as we determine the future risk of suicide.”

As mentioned, once you have a license you can borrow a long-gun, which means you may have none registered to you, but can still have them in your possession. The information provided by the registry is currently neither valuable nor accurate. All you can know for certain from the registry is that they ‘might have access’ to a gun. And frankly, everyone that draws breath falls into that category

The myths that are being propagated with regards to the efficacy and value of the Long-Gun Registry are also being supported in statements by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of police who said recently that, “the registry tells us what guns (a) person has. There is a huge difference – a difference that could put the lives of citizens and our officers in great danger.”

Again.. it doesn’t . I know several people that are licensed hunters and shooters have NO guns registered to them, but may at any given time have any number of borrowed guns in their possession.

I encourage everyone to do their part to end the criminalization of responsible firearms owners, hunters, and sport-shooters. Spread the word and dispel myths and falsehoods that are being broadcast to the public at large.

Right now, it’s our responsibility to educate the non-licensed majority who likely do not fully understand the intricacies of the Registry and related Firearms Laws.  The opinions of the majority are being molded based on the feeble fictions of the media. Do your part. Speak Up. Articulate. And educate people through intelligent discourse.

MJ out.

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  1. A comment I heard on the talk radio show Sept 17, 2010 from a gentlemen in the Yukon Territory saying that the majority of people from the territory support the long gun registry. He talked about how the police (sorry can’t remember the specific place however it was in canada)accessed the registry 2300 or 2700 times in one day in a effort to fight crime.

  2. in response to Lynn’s comment:
    Those numbers may be true, however, it is not accessed because the police search for that info specifically. Anytime police do a search on anybody the registry is automatically accessed. So, while these numbers may seem like a lot, they are misleading.

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