So far we have had a pretty good Spring Turkey hunt, Luke and Tim and I have all killed good birds. The Toms are really cruising right now as the hens are mostly sitting on eggs. I actually stalked a nice Tom in the wind the other day and got within shooting range without any real difficulty. Late season tactics should have you calling very sparingly if at all and trying to intercept your birds cruising with the hens on their daily curcuit. Or waiting for them close ( not too close… 150 yards minimum! ) to the roost tree in the afternoon. Remember they will water soon after fly down and they like to dust middle of the day when its sunny! So set up according to the time of day and the weather. On the windy days they will hug the overgrown fencelines and taller vegetation where they can see danger that can’t be heard. On rainy days its is better to to wait for the sun to break … you can bet the Turkeys will!

Good luck and Good Hunting here are some of this years birds.Tim kills a really nice Tom...Opening day!

Red\'s bird... 3/4 inch spurs, 9 1/2 nch beard... 22 pounds...

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