Women Hunters are Deadly!
Heather is one of our guides Big Tony’s wife and has been a member of our crew since we syndicated about fifteen years ago. She is an avid hunter and accomplished shot and has had great success hunting big game over the years.
She shot her biggest whitetail last year and it was far from a fluke. We had patterned a buck that was working a scrape line adjacent to a huge cut soybean field. A couple of us had sat the same blind with no luck but the scrapes were always worked the next day!
Heather has extreme patience and an uncanny ability to sit quietly so when I heard her shot I had a good feeling!
I packed up and walked quietly to her stand and she was standing out in the field waiting. When I asked what happened she explained that she heard the buck walking in the bush all around her but it would not come out. She decided that with the second rut heating up and all the fresh scrapes that it would be a good idea to call. She tried her grunt tube and got an immediate response as the buck grunted and continued moving through the bush just out of sight. She kept calling and he kept moving around her trying to wind the interloper. Finally he stepped out into the field and she slugged him through both shoulders at about 60 yards, he only went 30 yards before skidding to a stop DRT.
The buck has an nice ten point rack with a broken G-3 on the right side but it has a spread of 23 inches and wicked long beams, a nice trophy in the 140 class. Earlier in the hunt she told her hubby Big Tony that they did not need any more mounts on the wall… apparently she was only referring to bucks shot by him! Her buck is now mounted on her trophy wall… and it is winking at everyone who comes in!Heather\'s big rack!

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